To capture someone being their most genuine self–that’s the goal of photographer Angel Tagudin. Specializing in true-to-life photojournalism, Angel reveals the true beauty in ordinary moments — nervous glances, quiet strength, bashful smiles. From musicians to athletes, celebrities to timid brides-to-be, Angel’s natural curiosity and warmth allow him to fit in with any subject. Whether shooting weddings, corporate events, or intimate portraits, Angel’s artistic philosophy and natural patience allows him to capture candid moments — celebrating real life as it happens.

Your events are meticulously planned and choreographed. You've agonized over the look of your event – the branding, the theme, the tone. You've accounted for the talent, the guests, the Orlando traffic and the Central Florida weather. You did all of this because your reputation isn't the only thing at stake... your company's image is at stake.

We know how you think; that's why we lay awake at night worrying about your event so that you don't have to. After all, you've been doing events long enough to know that good event photography isn't just about pretty pictures. Good event photography is about working with people who you can trust to represent you well. We believe that the best photographers treat your event like their own.

You can relax... we've got you covered.

You want your wedding to be perfect... we can relate to that. Oh sure, you can count on us to take great photos (heck, with today's cameras, even your Dad will get some keepers) but truly award winning wedding photography is more than just taking pretty pictures. The best photographers work with you to anticipate your needs and create a custom plan for your unique wedding.

You deserve undivided attention on your special day, that's why we only book one wedding per weekend. From the rehearsal dinner to the ceremony, from the ceremony to the reception... we're with you!

Our portrait sessions focus on capturing your unique personality by using locations and activities that tell what makes you special. We offer intimate boudoir photography, creative couples portraits, beautiful pregnancy/maternity portraits that incorporate your own unique personality.

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